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the EuroSDR GeoBIM benchmark workshop, 2nd/3rd December 2019

2 december 2019

Van Jantien Stoter:

You are kindly invited to the EuroSDR GeoBIM benchmark workshop, 2nd/3rd December 2019 at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.During the workshop, you will be updated on GeoBIM and related topics by a number of highly expertised and inspiring speakers. Topics on the agenda are:
- 3D city models,
- Building Information Models,
- Respective open standards (CityGML, CityJSON, IFC, and more),
- GeoBIM use cases (automatic building permission issuing, asset management, energy simulations).
We will also present and discuss the results of our ISPRS/EuroSDR GeoBIM benchmark project

The workshop is organised by several national mapping agencies and research institutes from Europe and the European Spatial Data Research commission.
See the full details (including the programme) and registration on the website.

Registration is open until 15th November 2019.

Best regards, Jantien Stoter on behalf of the GeoBIM benchmark group