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About GeoBusiness Nederland

GeoBusiness Nederland is the trade and business association for companies working with geo-information.  Within GeoBusiness Nederland more than 95 companies work together to expand the use of geo-information in existing and new markets and protect common business interests.

The aim of GeoBusiness Nederland is to ensure that the member companies can operate in an open and competitive market with transparent regulations.

GeoBusiness Nederland stimulates a broad use of geo-information products and services by private businesses, consumers and public organisations.

On behalf of its members GeoBusiness Nederland has an open dialogue with national and international government organisations and policy makers to discuss common interests and ensure an open and free market. 

GeoBusiness Nederland is considered to be the single point of contact for national and international geo-information industry, trade and business organisations, government organisations, and educational- and research organisations.

GeoBusiness Nederland promotes international cooperation and provides a gateway for international public-private and private-private cooperation.

Areas of interest

GeoBusiness Nederland is a well-established organisation and consists of a flexible office for daily operations, an executive board and several technical committees and special interest groups. The board, in close association with the member companies, is formulating the strategy, major goals and tasks. In the technical committees and special interest groups member companies work together to achieve the goals and represent GeoBusiness Nederland in various government consultation groups. 

Major goals and tasks

International collaboration and opening new market opportunities
GeoBusiness Nederland promotes collaboration between national and international companies, government organisations and research- and educational institutions. GeoBusiness Nederland supports member companies in discovering and opening new markets. 

Enhance the use of open (geo-)data

GeoBusiness Nederland promotes the use of open data and aims at unlimited access and (re-)use of public data and geo-information. 

Improve and support the coordination of a national and international geospatial data infrastructure

GeoBusiness Nederland connects member companies with the relevant public sector organisations and managers involved in the development of the national geospatial infrastructure. GeoBusiness Nederland ensures that the knowledge and expertise of the private sector is fully utilized in the formulation and establishment of data standards and an open geospatial infrastructure.

Pre-competitive (open) innovation

GeoBusiness Nederland encourages member companies in working together in an open innovation environment. Special projects are being developed and implemented in order to support pre-competitive collaboration between member companies.

New business and financial models

Government organisations are traditionally large customers for geo-companies in the Netherlands. Opening new markets demands new business and financial models. GeoBusiness Nederland is available to assist member companies in developing these models by investigating collaboration and creating openings to supporting institutions.

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